Why Bitcoin platforms are investor’s delight now?

Bitcoin price has crossed 1lakh INR mark. Bitcoin. From Rs72,247 on February 14, 2017 it has now reached 110990 on May 9,2017. With figure climbing up this fast investors have received big profits indeed. Also, given the fact that buying bitcoin is hassle free. One just needs to register on a bitcoin exchange platform like Bitxoxo, CoinSecure etc and provide details such as mobile number, name, bank details and pan card details. Once verified, you are good to go. Unlike other investment options here you can buy things with bitcoins ot see its price rising. What else does a person want? Moreover bitcoin exchange operating in India are providing customer support and hassle free procedure.



Bitxoxo Bitcoins Pvt. Ltd is India’s fastest growing bitcoin exchange company. Thriving on several first-in-the-industry features in its services, Bitxoxo has secured the status of being the fastest bitcoin exchange company in India.

Operating like non other, on a 24X7 basis, it also offers a distinctive customer service, through its unique chat support for users, apart from emails and phone calls. With a notable track record of resolving customer queries, through chats in real time, Bitxoxo upholds its customer service to be one of the finest in the industry. Adding to its singularity, Bitxoxo is the only bitcoin exchange company that allows payment & withdrawals through IMPS. This ensures its customers receive payments in their account instantly, irrespective of banking hours and holidays. Whereas, any other mode of payment would consume a minimum of 2-3 working days, in case a payment in made during weekend.


Zebpay has been involved in bitcoins since its early days in 2011. It started India’s first bitcoin exchange in 2012. Zebpay guarantees fast transaction processing and the best bitcoin rates.
​ zebpay


Coinsecure provides automated, deposits and withdrawals, charges 0.3% Exchange trade fees and is first bitcoin exchange in India with Rest APi. The Coinsecure Wallet is another solution for an easy to use, fast and effective way to hold your Bitcoin. India’s first Bitcoin Explorer with a Paper Wallet and Robust Blockchain API. Coinsecure.info allows users to search the Bitcoin public Ledger or Blockchain in Realtime.



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