Unique e-gifts catching up this Diwali

With Diwali just round the corner, everyone is busy shopping the best gifts for friends and family. However, Diwali gifting has also evolved over the years with changing gifting trends every year, ranging from organic sweets, customized hampers, cash gifts etc.

This Diwali, there has been an increasing trend in multiple forms of online gifting. Due to the busy lifestyle of millennials, the degree of exhilaration has shifted to a great extent towards the online gifting industry, where ‘Every type of Gift’ is just one click away.


Below are the five e-gifts which have caught up the gift trend this Diwali, without burning a hole in anyone’s pocket.

1)      Digital currency gifting: While gifting cash lacks personal touch, digital currency gifting is catching up this Diwali because of its uniqueness. Monetary value in gifting gives the recipient liberty to choose from myriad of options. Multiple brands and gift tech companies have joined hands to offer currency gifting. Storecheq is a very popular platform which offers digital gifting currency

2)      Bank Gift: Bank gift cards are offered by banks in collaboration with payment processors. Recipients have the added advantage of checking their balance at any bank’s ATM or online. GiftcardIndia.com, HDFC, ICCI, SBI are such online platforms which offer gift cards, co-branded with multiple banks. The co-branded gift cards can be redeemed at multiple retailers, restaurants etc.

3)    International Gifting: For people who cannot fly down to India during Diwali, international gifting creates the essence of the festive warmth and fervour while they are far away. The e-gifting waves can be sent seamlessly across countries even without shipping cost. Quikcilver is one such option which offers international gifting through its app Woohoo

4)   Group Gifting:  This digital methodology is highly efficient if a group of friends/ siblings or family members want to opt for a group gift.  One can set up a group gift, invite friends/ family members to chip in and offer multiple options in gifting to the receiver, saving a lot of money. Vouchagram is one such option which offers group gifting with a simple and easy three step process

5) Experiential Gifting: Experiential gifting too can form a unique gifting option during Diwali, where the giver can gift a holiday package to his friends/ family members to unwind in another city/country during the Diwali holidays. From curated experiences like spa treatment, fine dining, scuba diving to infinite experiential options, this can become one of the best gifting options during Diwali. Xoxoday is one such gift tech platform which offers bespoke gifting experiences.


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