How fintech are enabling passport to honeymoon this season

Weddings involve a lot of finance, so do honeymoon travels. Yes, for a domestic honeymoon one would require lacs and for an international the amount is even whopping. In this case a lot of couples used to rely on credit cards or saved cash. However, with fintech becoming popular with every passing day, people are now opting for easy honeymoon loans that are available for better interest rates and paperless procedure. Also, with more awareness around flexible repayments options availing a loan is being selected over cards now.

Loantap offers a unique loan which is designed to offer a blend of interest only payments in the initial 3 months and fixed EMI payments for the rest of tenure. So, while one will pay less interest overall if he or she can plan to repay holiday loans within a shorter timeframe, one also has the option of spreading the cost and reducing the size of the repayments, thereby reducing monthly payment burden. Hence, this is the perfect stress-free loan option for couples who want to spend quality time on their honeymoon. is India’s largest P2P lending platform and have 2 lacs+ registered Borrowers and 18,000 registered Lenders. With Faircent, newly wed couples can easily apply for a loan for honeymoon. The procedure allows borrower to find the right lender though its fine algorithm.

 Couples can avail instant loan at cheaper rate of interest starting from 12% per annum up to 28% per annum.


CreditMantri has enabled instant personal loans and credit score check for number of consumers. The benefit of applying with creditmantri is that borrower gets to connect with potential lender easily and thus saves time. During honeymoon planning one can simply log on and apply with correct lender. Gone are the days when people used to pay heavy interest on credit cards or save cash for honeymoon.


BankBazaar is one popular online stop for loans, insurance, and other financial products. One can compare interest rates and insurance offers here. Quick loans and rate comparison allow borrower to choose the right loan in lesser time.

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