announces “FI Stable Growth 25” a breakthrough algorithm based on MSCI’s risk-weighted methodology

FundsIndia, the country’s largest online retail investment platform, announces the launch of its new product- FI Stable Growth 25, a global algorithm adapted for the Indian customers. Based on Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) risk-weighted methodology, this unique product has been skillfully crafted by FundsIndia for its Indian investors.

This model works on a rule-based portfolio construction methodology that aims to have focused exposure to 25 low volatile stocks. It is bias-free with automated portfolio rebalancing based on smart and time-tested algorithms.

FI Stable Growth 25 is a defensive rule-based model with a large-cap bias and a preference for low volatile stocks. The model requires a minimum of ₹5 lakhs for optimal participation with an investment time frame of approximately 5 years.

The model demonstrates consistent performance of more than 12% CAGR if held for 5 years  (on 99% of the occasions).*

Speaking about the product, Mr.Girirajan Murugan, CEO at says “Our vision at FundsIndia has always been to be a world-class investment platform while providing an amalgamation of sophisticated investment advice and technology to our customers. With the launch of FI Stable Growth 25, FundsIndia continues to offer exclusive diversified options for our investors. The most exciting part is that the model has historically had relatively lower declines compared to the major indices.”

*Based on last eleven-year back-tested performance

About FundsIndia:

FundsIndia, an initiative of Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., is India’s first online-only investment website. A free investment platform, it offers an array of financial products like mutual funds, equities, and deposits. FundsIndia has over 2.9 lakh investors on board, over ₹6,300+ crores in AUM, and processes 3,10,000+ SIPs every month. FundsIndia also offers value-added services like free financial advisory services, flexible SIPs, trigger-based investing, access to India’s most comprehensive automated advisory service – Money Mitr, and more. Learn more at

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