NIRA: Getting Access to Credit without the hassle. Anytime Anywhere.


No More Bureaucracy

NIRA is a fintech company with one focus. We provide loans upto 1 lakh for up to 1 year. Small credit loans that are done end to end on user-friendly app

The Need for NIRA

Today about 9 in 10 people in India are unable to get a loan from a bank when they need finance. This lack of financial access limits an individual’s ability to do what they want to do. It limits their ability to plan for the future. It limits their ability to deal with emergencies such as sudden medical costs. A lack of credit access means a lack of freedom. This is a big problem that affects the lives of individuals, the wider society, and the economy as a whole.

We’re the Future of Finance

Today with our growing economy there is a sizable untapped population of young working professionals who very much can handle small loans but don’t qualify for bank loans because let’s face it, the old models of credit are outdated and are not based in our new reality.

Banks’ traditional models have not adapted to the digital age. With data and technology, new things are possible. Amazing things are possible. We want to harness these new tools to reimagine the way finance can be provided to the consumer. We want to reach more people, offer them more products, and provide them a better service than was ever possible before.


Financial Freedom for a More Imaginative Nation

NIRA pushes past old ideas about loans and what we use them for. Today now more than ever, our country’s progress depends on innovation. Innovation can only come when our generation of people can find time for personal growth and engage creatively with work, life, and their passions. Our loans are opportunities to use them for travel or attend workshops that one can’t afford otherwise. NIRA encourages people to use their loans to explore themselves. Imagine taking  professional classes or exploring you creative side and gaining new experiences through traveling the world? Imagine being able to invest in professional equipment and technology that will further your career and passions?


Up to one lakh, up to one year

No CIBIL score required

Earn 20,000 per month or more to qualify

Qualify on our app with a application that takes 2 minutes to fill up


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